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BMSA thrives on partnerships

Bio-Med Science Academy actively pursues partnerships with business, academic and nonprofit communities that will positively impact our students. Strong partnerships foster collaboration that helps build a foundation for the educational opportunities students receive.  At the same time, Academy partnerships position companies and institutions to play a key role in shaping Ohio’s future work force.


Partnership goals

Two of the Academy’s primary goals are to prepare students for college and careers, and to provide them with the entrepreneurial spirit needed to create new opportunities where none previously existed.

The Academy also proactively exposes students to exciting career opportunities in our own state in an effort to keep our young people in Ohio. As a partner, you will contribute to this vision and – potentially – to your own future work force. Establishing a partnership with Bio-Med Science Academy empowers your company or institution to build a strong Ohio work force – one prepared for STEM+M careers within our communities and within the organizations that supported its education and development.


Partnership categories and opportunities:

  • Academic Partners
  • Community Partners
  • Business Partners

Partnership Opportunities:

  • Competition team sponsors/advisors
  • Career Day guest presenters
  • Academic mentors
  • Funding student research experience
  • On-site internships
  • In-Kind support for equipment, materials and curriculum

For more information on how your company or organization can benefit from partnering with Bio-Med Science Academy, contact:

Stephanie Lammlein

Chief Administrative Officer