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Giving to the Academy

To create the best Academy possible

Ohio’s economic future depends on its ability to produce a work force that is educated, trained and ready to fill available positions. Bio-Med Science Academy is keenly aware of its role in preparing its students to be a part of this superior work force.

In partnership with invested and engaged stakeholders, the expanded Academy is a model for STEM education excellence as it prepares students to master 21stcentury skills for post-secondary education and, ultimately, to lead the work force of the future.

With this mission in mind, the Academy actively seeks monetary and in-kind support from businesses, nonprofit organizations, family members and friends. Our current facility and program improvement wish list includes:

1. 22-acre Outdoor Lab projects

  • Tree removal
  • A new greenhouse
  • Activity space

2. Animation studio booths

3. Video editing booths

4. Robotics competition team materials and travel

5. Science Olympiad competition team materials and travel

6. An expanded digital and physical library collection

For more information please contact the school at