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The Conditions for Admission

Bio-Med Science Academy serves students in grades 6 through 12 who are Ohio residents. Our students are not be selected based on academic ability. To be accepted, they must have been promoted to enrolling grade, and must currently be drug-free. Most important, students must have a willingness to engage in inquiry, critical thinking, effective communication and collaboration. Academy students must be driven to actively participate in their educational experience.

Our application process requires each student as well as a parent or child advocate to submit a completed application. The student and parent/advocate may interview with Academy staff and volunteers to discuss mutual expectations and any aspect of our curriculum and policies. Our staff will directly handle all registrations.

No student will be admitted with a recurring history of predatory and/or violent behavior and/or with a current suspension from another area school.

BMSA’s recruitment strategy ensures that enrollment is diverse and representative of regional demographics. Direct marketing strategies to potential students, as well as parents and guardians of potential students, will be employed to build public awareness.


The BMSA Lottery System

The Academy’s total enrollment will be filed with students who complete the application process. If applications exceed capacity for a given school year, a lottery system will be implemented to determine enrollment. Students currently enrolled will not participate in the lottery; they may maintain their enrollment at the Academy until they graduate. Siblings of students already enrolled at the Academy will be given enrollment preference and will not participate in the lottery process.

If a lottery is necessary and there are two or more applying siblings who enter the same lottery, the parent(s) or child advocate of the siblings will be given the option of assigning all siblings to a single lottery number or assigning separate lottery numbers to each sibling.


How the BMSA lottery works

If there are more student applicants than there are available spaces, a lottery will be conducted according to the following system:

  • Each applicant will be assigned a number (exceptions noted previously in this policy).
  • Numbers will be drawn at random by a neutral third party.
  • Students will be enrolled in the order in which their numbers are drawn, up to the class capacity as previously approved by the Academy Governing Authority.
  • Should a lottery number assigned to multiple siblings be drawn last, the class capacity will be temporarily increased to accommodate the enrollment of all siblings associated with that number. Should attrition occur at a later date, the class capacity will be reduced to its original target total before any additional students are enrolled from the wait list.
  • Lottery numbers will continue to be drawn past the enrollment capacity until all numbers are drawn. The supplemental drawings will constitute the order of the wait list.