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School Profile

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Grow along with the Academy

Bio-Med Science Academy has expanded to included students in grades 6 through 12. Today, all students in our Lower Academy (grades 6 – 8) and our Upper Academy (grades 9 – 12) experience STEM learning within the framework of a balanced curriculum that integrates the arts, humanities and sciences.

In addition, BMSA leverages our region’s extensive scientific, medical, academic and business assets to engage students directly with practicing professionals. Our students gain exposure to a range of industries through speakers, internships, field experiences and other opportunities that prepare them for real-world living and working.

The result is an inquiry-based, individualized learning experience that positions students to succeed in any number of career fields including, perhaps, fields yet to be created. The Academy seeks to produce not just future mathematicians, engineers, doctors and scientists … but leaders in all fields.


2017-2018 Academy Demographics and Facts

Each school year, Bio-Med Science Academy enrolls a new class of approximately 100 high school freshmen through a blind lottery admission process. Admission is open to any Ohio student entering his or her freshman year.



  • 19 full-time teaching staff
  • 2 full-time intervention specialists
  • 1 full-time guidance counselor



576 students from over 30 school districts in eight Ohio counties.  The student population is 50 percent male and 50 percent female.

Student Attributes

In addition to our rigorous curriculum, the Academy embraces our students’ unique attributes. These attributes are woven into all aspects of BMSA in order to develop lifelong learners with enhanced 21stcentury skills.

Bio-Med Science Academy is one of ten schools in Ohio designing and piloting a State Assessment Rubric for 21st Century Skills.

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Stephanie Hammond

Guidance Counselor


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