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Bio-Med Science Academy is a STEM + M school


Bio-Med Science Academy is an innovative, progressive, year-round public STEM+M school (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics + Medicine) that prepares students to succeed in the modern global economy.


BMSA opened its doors to its first freshman class in 2012. It did so with dreams of challenging education norms. It took that journey’s ambitious first step to discover a bold new approach to educating our country’s young people.


The Academy focuses on developing:

  • Independent thinkers.
  • Problem solvers.
  • Fully functioning lifelong learners.
  • People who are passionate about their lives, their careers and our world.

To realize these dynamic human qualities, we are committed to helping grade school and high school students gain the skills they’ll need to succeed in a world that has never been more demanding, in professional fields defined by the quality of the people working in them.

Our dreams are now becoming real as the Academy has experienced great success since our initial year of operation. We have discovered many things about Ohio’s independent STEM school structure that work well for students. There have been changes and challenges along the way, of course. Bigger ideas have been sparked for the future of the school, the students we currently serve and the ones it will be serving in the future.

What’s New at BMSA

Our Twitter page (@biomedacademy) helps keep students, parents and those interested in the academy posted on what our students are up to at the upper and lower academies. Be sure to follow us. #biomedacademy

  • Ready to put her mark on our State! Go Neha
  • Dreaming for you! #ourbmsa
  • Dreaming for you! #ourbmsa

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There are several BMSA programs and initiatives from which you can choose to support us. The generosity of individuals and corporations continues to help us provide excellent STEM+M educational opportunities for students in grades 6 through 12.